Cardboard Paper Production Line

cardboard paper production line

As we all know, Corrugated Cardboard Paper is almost the lowest energy consumption and investment paper in paper making industry. And in general, a whole cardboard paper production line just need one headbox.

Cardboard Paper Pulping Line

The waste paperboard is conveyed by Chain Conveyor to Pulping Machine( Drum Pulper, D Type Hydrapulper, H.C.Hydrapulper ), and then the pulp is flowed into High Density Cleaner to move heavy impurities, after that get into pulp screening system ( Mid Consistency Pressure Screen, Reject Separator ). Further more, adopt pulp refining machine to improve the beating degree of stock. And Inflow Pressure Screen can get more homogenate pulp.

Cardboard Paper Production Line

High quality pulp is conveyed into head box, and then through press section and dryer part to continuously dehydration. In the end, make the dryness of paper reach 92%-95%. Besides, the spare parts such as Dryer Cylinder, Doctor Blade, Felt, etc all is the quick-wear part of paper machine. You can purchase almost all paper making equipment in Leizhan and enjoy high quality after-service at the same time.

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