Toilet Paper Machine Delivery Site

toilet paper machine delivery site

Recently, Leizhan received an order about toilet paper production line, all toilet paper pulping equipment is finished at present and the delivery site is as the photo on above. The following information is the details about this shipment.

Information Of Toilet Paper Machine Delivery Site

Time: 16th, May, 2017
Place: Hebei Paper Mill
Raw Material: Waste Paper, Wood Pulp.
Project: 40T/D Toilet Paper Production Line
Delivery equipment: Mid Consistency Hydrapulper, Pulp Agitator, Inflow Pressure Screen, etc.

Toilet Paper Pulp Equipment Function

Mid Consistency Hydrapulper: Pulping wood pulp and other clean raw materials.
Pulp Agitator: Making pulp components even distribution.
Inflow Pressure Screen: Belong to flow system, used before head box, have good effect of homogenate.

We sincerely hope that these Toilet Paper Making Equipment can bring benefits for customers as soon as possible. And if you have any need or question, welcome to consult our professional sales manager: leizhanchina@gmail

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