Business Of Making Paper Products

Business Of Making Paper Products

We received many messages from customers that they want to start business of making paper products, but don’t know what kind of paper should make and have no idea about the budget. Here are the information about start paper making business.

The Kind Of Paper Products

Tissue paper: Toilet/napkin/kitchen/facial/paper towel, etc
Kraft/Testliner paper: Craft paper bag, commercial paper bag, envelop paper, cement used bag, etc
Corrugated/fluting paper: Carton box, packaging box,etc
Cultural paper: A4, a3, a5, writing, printing, copying, newspaper, notebook and so on.

Paper Making Machine

The paper making process of different paper is little different, and the corresponding paper machine is different, the main pulp equipment and paper machine include Bale Breaker, Chain Conveyor, Pulper, Pressure Screen, Cleaner, Double Disc Refiner, Vibrating Screen, Reject Separator, Inflow Pressure Screen, etc.

We supply the complete set of paper products used machine, from the pulp making to paper roll making, welcome to consult us for more details:

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